'Data security will be a pre-condition'

In May iSHARE welcomed to the network its first logistics IT company: Simply Deliver. We asked the company founder, Osman Akdemir, why he decided to join the iSHARE network and how the implementation process went. 

Launched at the end of 2017, Simply Deliver is a cloud-based platform that provides real-time visibility, especially for in-transit stock within the supply chain. Thanks to iSHARE, any organizations that share data via the Simply Deliver platform can be sure that their data is shared securely and reliably – even when they’ve never done business with one another before. 

“Data security in logistics is already important, but it’ll be even more important in the future and it will be a pre-condition for many companies to work with an IT supplier,” comments Osman. “iSHARE has a well-defined security protocol which makes use of a very good market standard (OAuth 2.0). Having this on our Simply Deliver cloud platform will make it easy for many of our current and future customers to benefit from secure communication.” 

According to Osman, implementation of iSHARE was completed in just four weeks, including 12 days of programming and 3 days of consultancy/project management. “The majority of the complexity was due to the technology. There was not much documentation and experience about the Node.js implementation with iSHARE yet so that caused a few complications. Adding more libraries to the iSHARE network could help in this context, because I can imagine other companies use other programming languages like C++, Java and so on,” he explains. “Subsequently, when we came to install it operationally, firstly we had difficulties to find the correct certificate to buy and secondly we had some difficulties installing it. Nevertheless, I’m really proud that we’re the first company of our kind to have successfully completed the accession process. Our next step is to also use the iSHARE specs in the data integration with our partners, JORR-IT and Yellowstar,” he concludes.

The iSHARE data-sharing scheme, which is an initiative of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector, enables everyone to share data with everyone else in a uniform, simple and controlled way. This milestone represents another step towards the effortless sharing of data in the Dutch logistics sector and beyond.