Idsa and ishare

As iSHARE is live since 2018, this offers the opportunity to kick start IDS implementations by specifying iSHARE as a trust option, in order to achieve the ‘first and conditional’ level of data sovereignty. This enables parties to start with IDS quickly, lowering the barriers for IDS implementations, which arise when implementing the full scope from the very start. This serves as a strong foundation for market adoption of IDS. Users can grow their application and data sovereignty implementation from there, as they see fit based on their needs. IDS is alive now!

First step in obtaining data sovereignty

iSHARE is an initial – but crucial – step towards the full data sovereignty that is envisioned by IDSA.

By implementing the iSHARE agreements in your software and signing an agreement with the iSHARE Foundation, you gain the potential to 'grow into' a wider scope of standardization, and connect and share data with a large range of international organizations.

Starting with iSHARE gives you the basics that are necessary to get full data sovereignty within the IDS RAM; a fast, easy and safe first step into IDS.

Are you interested in making this first step into the IDS architecture, into data sovereignty get in touch with us.


Click here to watch the Webinar 'The road to European data sovereignty, paved by iSHARE and IDSA'.