Sharing logistics data in a uniform, simple and controlled way

Thanks to the iSHARE Data Sharing Scheme, everyone can share data with everyone else in the logistics sector, including with new and hitherto unknown parties, in a simple and controlled way.

On behalf of the Netherlands’ Logistics Top Sector, dozens of public-sector and private-sector partners within the Dutch transport and logistics sector worked together on the development of a uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization. iSHARE is aimed at further stimulating data-sharing in the logistics sector.



train-de-trainer i4Trust
16 April - 21 May 2021 l online

Train the Trainer programme i4Trust

i4Trust, the European project in which iSHARE, FIWARE and FundingBox are working together to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors and…
Data Sovereignty Now
25 May 2021 l online

Webinar on ‘The European Data Governance Act from a data sovereignty perspective’

Why is the European Data Governance Act (DGA) important in terms of how data will be shared in the future? How can data sovereignty be anchored in the DGA? And why is it…, Data Sovereignty Now iSHARE supports the Data Sovereignty Now campaign which underlines the importance of self-control over data (‘data sovereignty’) by organisations and…

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