The year of co-creation

2017 was the year of the co-creation process for iSHARE. In January 2017, logistics-related public-sector and private-sector organizationsset to work in co-creation working groups to develop a uniform set of agreements – also called a ‘scheme’ – for identification, authentication and authorization that could be used and applied by everyone in the sector. The co-creation process was facilitated by INNOPAY, a consultancy firm for digital transactions.

iSHARE co-creation working groups focus on use cases

Within the co-creation working groups, the participants worked together to answer every conceivable functional, technical, legal and operational question that arose during the development of the scheme. 

In the second quarter of 2017 the various co-creation partners tested the first version of the scheme in practice in their own systems in a proof of concept of the use cases they had submitted.


iSHARE now ready for adoption

A pioneering group of logistics organizations and their customers started working with iSHARE in early 2018, and the scheme is now ready for wider adoption within the whole sector.