Secure Logistics introduces Single Sign-On with iSHARE: easy and above all more secure

Delft, 25 March 2020 – As of today, truck drivers can log in to the Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam app using a Secure Logistics identity that is based on the iSHARE scheme. This means that users now only need one password to gain access to the ECT app. Besides that, it gives them more control over their personal data, which makes it a more secure identity than Google or Windows identities. 

Among other things, the ECT app provides access to service alerts and operational information to keep truck drivers informed about the latest developments at ECT’s terminals while they are on the road. The usefulness of this information is illustrated by the fact that around 8.000 truck drivers currently use the ECT app. 

Single Sign-On with iSHARE: both easier and more secure 

Up until recently, the only way to log in was to use a Google or Windows identity. That has now changed; as of today, users can also log in using a Secure Logistics account. 

The Secure Logistics identity means that users automatically comply with the iSHARE identification agreements. That is convenient, because it means they only need to type in their password once to gain access to all the data. It is also secure, because the iSHARE scheme includes strict agreements governing the use of data. Users themselves determine under which conditions their data may be used, and for what purposes.

Cor Stolk, director of Secure Logistics: “As a user, you want to be able to log in securely. If you use your XS-ID to do so, you’re safe in the knowledge that your details will only be used for logging in. It’s no secret that the personal details you provide to the likes of Google and Windows are also used for other purposes. In contrast, the XS-ID is designed to prevent your data being shared against your wishes. It is based on the same methods of collecting, sharing and protecting data that we’ve been using for the CargoCard, Digital Safety Passport and Portkey for more than 20 years. Moreover, the XS-ID can only be used with verified websites and apps, so that provides extra certainty that your personal details won’t be passed on to a phishing site. Needless to say, the XS-ID is in line with the GDPR guidelines.”  

“There is still only very limited digitalization within the logistics sector. We can drive that forwards by improving and simplifying the process for logging in to multiple systems. Users need a easy, uniform and secure way of logging in – no more passwords scribbled on Post-it notes and stuck to their screen, and no more having to log in to 20 different accounts in order to do their job properly... just one should be enough. iSHARE enables a uniform approach to logging in based on a trustworthy identity. This is the first step towards more advanced data-sharing applications,” comments Gerard van der Hoeven, director of the iSHARE Foundation. 

Would you like to know more about Single Sign-On with iSHARE? An online workshop will be held about this real-life use case of the scheme on Tuesday, 31 March. To sign up for the workshop, send an email to