Interview about i4Trust in Dutch Transport & Logistiek magazine

2021/04/23 | The April issue of Transport & Logistiek – the leading Dutch trade magazine for the transport and logistics sector – features a joint interview with Juanjo Hierro, Chief Technology Officer of FIWARE, and Gerard van der Hoeven, Director of the iSHARE Foundation. They discuss the opportunities of the i4Trust programme for SMEs in logistics and beyond... Read more

Interview with Aad Veenman and Jan Bert Schutrops about iSHARE

2018/07/25 | Transport and logistics organizations that want to improve their operational efficiency whilst also reducing their CO2 emissions would be wise to take a closer look at a key innovation in the Dutch logistics sector: iSHARE, which now makes it much easier, faster and cheaper to share data. Read the interview with Aad Veenman, chairman of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector, and Jan Bert Schutrops, chair of the Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP). Read their interview... Read more

Sharing data effortlessly thanks to iSHARE

2018/07/06 | iSHARE is an innovative project from the Netherlands' Logistics Top Sector that will result in a uniform set of agreements or scheme for identification, authentication and authorisation. With this scheme the Logistics Top Sector aims to remove obstacles to further data sharing, to boost cooperation within the chain and to scale up, accelerate and effectively connect existing initiatives on digital data exchange... Read more

It is not a platform

2018/05/30 | iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or ‘scheme’. That can be quite a tricky concept to understand, which is why some people mistakenly think that iSHARE is a platform. We have written an article called ‘It is not a platform’ to clear up any confusion.  To clarify the differences between a platform and a scheme, we first outline the evolution and added value of data platforms before going on to explain not only how iSHARE differs, but also how iSHARE adds value in terms of data sharing and data platforms... Read more