Joining forces for control over own data: public and private organizations sign covenant

Delft (the Netherlands), April 16 2019 – During this year’s annual conference of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector, logistics companies and government authorities have signed the Covenant for Effortless Data Sharing in Logistics.

By signing the covenant, container terminal operator Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, community platforms Cargonaut and Portbase, Secure Logistics, Port of Rotterdam, Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) and Customs (the Dutch Ministry of Finance) have acknowledged the importance of having control over one’s own (logistics-related) data and committed to implementing or supporting iSHARE in their own processes. In doing so, they have aligned themselves with the recently published Dutch government’s vision on data sharing between companies.

Control over own data

The iSHARE scheme has been developed by and for the transport and logistics sector to allow organizations to give one another access to their data. Organizations that have implemented iSHARE’s uniform set of agreements can share logistics data quickly and easily while retaining full control of their own data at all times. The scheme is founded on the underlying principle that data owners must always be able to determine who gains access to their data and under which conditions.

“It is extremely important for the sector itself – public and private organizations, companies of all sizes, data recipients and data providers – to retain control over their own data… and iSHARE makes that possible. Thanks to the commitment of these organizations, it will become even more interesting for their supply chain partners to implement iSHARE too,” comments Michiel Haarman, Logistics Top Sector Programme Manager.

Effortlessly Sharing Logistics Data Together

The covenant is one way in which the transport and logistics sector is working to remove barriers to more intensive data sharing in the supply chain. If other organizations would also like to add their signature to the covenant they are welcome to contact: