iSHARE adapter now live on SAP App Center

Delft, the Netherlands, 28 January 2020 – By packaging all the required functionality into one comprehensive adapter to work according iSHARE data sharing standards, SAP clients will have an easier and faster iSHARE onboarding. As of today the iSHARE adapter - built by Rojo Consultancy - is available in the SAP App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. 

iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or scheme that enables organisations to give each other access to their data without losing control. Since they all work with the same identification, authentication and authorization methods, they do not need to keep making new agreements every time they want to share data. Together, the Participants in the iSHARE scheme can share data effortlessly.

Roberto Viana, managing partner of Rojo Consultancy: “Our adapter accelerates the adoption of iSHARE and makes the implementation plug & play for our customers. All our customers have to do is arrange the user agreement with iSHARE, and then they can quickly start enjoying the business benefits our iSHARE solution offers.”

Gerard van der Hoeven, chair of the iSHARE Foundation: “We are really happy with the launch of the first ‘plug & play’ iSHARE adapter. With this we lower the barrier to start using iSHARE. In 2020 we expect many more ready-made adapters for TMSs, ERPs and many other data-rich applications to become available.”

The announcement was made at the Data Sharing Days 2020, Europe’s premier data sharing event that is taking place 27-28 January in The Hague. The key theme of the event that is co-hosted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, consulting firm INNOPAY and SAP, is ‘Using data sovereignty to create value’. With iSHARE organisations have fully control over their data. 

How to get the iSHARE adapter

Please go to the SAP App Center to look for the Rojo iSHARE adapter or get in touch with Rojo Consultancy directly.