ECT and Portbase launch pilot with iSHARE

Delft (the Netherlands), July 11 2019 – Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) and the port community platform Portbase launched a pilot on 1 July that opens the way to early sharing of container data. They are using iSHARE to allow data to be shared securely in logistics chains between parties that are not directly related to each other. The pilot is being conducted in collaboration with the shippers Nature's Pride and Total Produce.

Shippers benefit from accurate and timely information on the status of their container during the unloading process in the terminal. The container’s actual unloading time is particularly important, as it enables shippers to further optimise their own planning and processes. In the case of fresh food shipments from companies such as Nature's Pride and Total Produce, the container’s status even determines the timing of the goods’ release into the market.

Currently, shippers or forwarders have to enter various data, including a PIN code, in order to obtain information from a terminal on a specific container. This information is not automatically available to them or the other parties involved, because the information sharing rights between the various parties are not known at the outset. Not only does this generate a lot of manual work, but there are often delays in issuing PIN codes to the various parties.

In the pilot ECT supplies container data securely to Nature's Pride and Total Produce at an earlier stage using data from Portbase’s Port Community System. With the consent of the container’s owner, Portbase shares information on the container with the terminal. That information is then automatically made available to the pilot participants’ authorised users through ECT’s new "MyTerminal portal". iSHARE’s technical specifications are used to securely identify users and obtain their consent in the pilot. ECT and Portbase have aligned their messaging with iSHARE’s agreements system for this purpose.

The results of the pilot will be known after the summer. ECT will then assess whether this method of identification, authentication and authorisation can be made available more widely. ECT and Portbase expect iSHARE’s agreements system to open up further applications in the field of data sharing.