ECS and UC Group become iSHARE’s first international Implementation Partners

Delft, 30 August 2018 - Electronic Commerce Solutions (ECS) International and UC Group have become iSHARE’s first international Implementation Partners, after signing a partner agreement with the iSHARE Scheme Owner. This means that ECS and UC Group can now implement iSHARE for customers who want to share data faster, more easily and more securely.

Faster and more secure data sharing
Founded in 1999, ECS is a leading specialist in enterprise application integration and the secure and rapid exchange of data via the internet. ECS makes data sharing more manageable for companies and organizations by transforming their data and integrating it with any desired application, and by ensuring their communication is secure. As a result, ECS helps its customers to improve their operational efficiency, raise their service levels and save valuable time in dealing with their business partners. iSHARE is seamlessly aligned with this approach.

Ben Rinkel, Director of ECS International: “We are proud to be able to add iSHARE to our portfolio.iSHARE removes barriers to trust so that data can be shared between organizations, including with new partners, while ECS eliminates any remaining technical or integration-related barriers. We are strong advocates of secure and simple data exchange, so I’m delighted that we can help our customers to share data quickly and safely through the iSHARE Scheme.”

Improving supply chains
UC Group provides consultancy and realization services as well as interim solutions for modern-day operations & supply chain challenges for customers at home and abroad. The company’s employees work in self-organizing, multifunctional teams of hands-on specialists and professionals. UC Group has been closely involved in the development of the iSHARE Scheme right from the start of the project. UC Group also sees ways in which iSHARE can help the firm to optimize its service offering.

Pascal van Beek, Managing Director of UC Group: “At UC Group we want to lead by example! That’s why we made a commitment to contribute to the development of iSHARE from day one. This uniform set of agreements enables us to help our customers share information within the chain in a simple and practical manner, which brings integral supply chain improvement another step closer.”

Thanks to their partnership with iSHARE, ECS and UC Group are now able to assist innovative customers in the transport and logistics sector in implementing iSHARE so that they too can benefit from the Scheme’s advantages.