In the logistics sector, we work together with a large number of different organizations:

  • An iSHARE Implementation Partner helps you to connect to iSHARE. These implementation partners all comply with the same strict requirements of the iSHARE scheme. Please contact one of them for more information.
  • An iSHARE Identity Provider is a certified party that issues iSHARE identities which meet the strict requirements of the iSHARE scheme. If you would you like to apply for an iSHARE identity, please contact one of them.
  • An iSHARE Authorization Registry enables you to define who has access to which data and under which conditions. Please contact an iSHARE Authorization Registry for more information.

The partners outlined above provide a specific service within the scheme. In addition, iSHARE is supported by a large number of logistics-related organizations. These are our ambassadors.