Calling all developers: you can now test your APIs in the iSHARE test environment

The iSHARE test environment has recently been added to the Developer Portal voor developers. The test environment is a place where developers can play around with the iSHARE specifications. For example, they can share data with one another or with a 'dummy' customer, the Scheme Owner or an Authorization Registry.  The…
Standard Bank Confirmations

Easier and faster Standard Bank Confirmations thanks to SBR Banken, eHerkenning and iSHARE

Businesses in the logistics sector will soon be able to obtain a Standard Bank Confirmation much more easily and quickly, because SBR Banken – an organization that simplifies the delivery of financial reports – is due to start a pilot in conjunction with eHerkenning and iSHARE. Every year, thousands of businesses in…
Software partner

Globis and Yellowstar Solutions become first iSHARE Software Partners

Globis and Yellowstar Solutions can now officially call themselves iSHARE Software Partners. Logistics companies which would like to join the iSHARE ‘network of trust’ in order to share data effortlessly are urged to contact Globis or Yellowstar. As official iSHARE Software Partners, they can both perform the technical…

SAP community warming to iSHARE

Data sharing is extremely common among supply chain partners. Every company that uses SAP software is involved in some form of data sharing with customers, suppliers and/or service providers – but how can that be organized smartly and efficiently? Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently held a seminar on ‘Innovation…