BLOG: iSHARE promises to make data sharing easier and safer

iSHARE Implementation Partner ECS International wrote a blog article on how iSHARE promises to make data sharing easier and safer, and how logistics parties can benefit from the Scheme. Read the blog post 'iSHARE Promises to Make Data Sharing Easier and Safer Than Ever'.

Accelerating innovation in the Feyenoord stadium

There were plenty of orange shirts to be seen in Feyenoord’s football stadium, De Kuip, in April this year, but for once it wasn’t the Dutch national side chasing their qualification dreams. Instead, the stadium in the city of Rotterdam was hosting teams of equally fervent logistics professionals and IT developers…

'Data security will be a pre-condition'

In May iSHARE welcomed to the network its first logistics IT company: Simply Deliver. We asked the company founder, Osman Akdemir, why he decided to join the iSHARE network and how the implementation process went.  Launched at the end of 2017, Simply Deliver is a cloud-based platform that provides real-time visibility…

We accept...

If you’re working for an organization that is looking to become part of iSHARE, you can now also provide the iSHARE Foundation an eIDAS certificate as an alternative to the required PKIoverheid certificates.