iSHARE Adapter

iSHARE adapter now live on SAP App Center

By packaging all the required functionality into one comprehensive adapter to work according iSHARE data sharing standards, SAP clients will have an easier and faster iSHARE onboarding. As of today the iSHARE adapter - built by Rojo Consultancy - is available in the SAP App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP…

First iSHARE Authorisation Registry now up and running

Poort8 has become the first iSHARE partner operating a reliable and fully functioning authorisation registry. This registry plays a crucial role in facilitating the secure and controlled sharing of data, even between parties that don’t know one another. The next step is to identify concrete applications. “We can now…
Albert Verhoeven

DXC Technology: ‘iSHARE is set to ignite a digital revolution’

Albert Verhoeven is senior principal consultant at DXC Technology, a global IT consultancy firm with offices in 80 countries. Besides supporting customers with specialist advice, Albert is also an iSHARE product owner within DXC. He is a big fan of iSHARE and believes that the data-sharing scheme will help to ignite a…
Gerard van der Hoeven

Reflecting and looking ahead with Gerard van der Hoeven

iSHARE has entered a new phase of maturity over the past year. The first iSHARE Participants have completed the implementation process and signed the contract with the iSHARE Foundation. The network of iSHARE Implementation Partners and Community Partners has continued to expand. In October we also added the role of…