scheme iSHARE

Understanding roles of the iSHARE scheme

For iSHARE to work both effectively and securely as a data sharing framework, we work with a number of predefined roles. Every role has its own responsibilities and requirements. In this article, we will list them based on how strict the requirements to fulfill them are. There are two different categories of roles:…
On demand webinars

On-demand webinars

Our webinars about the practical use of iSHARE have received very positive feedback. Did you miss any of them? If so, don’t worry. You can download the recorded versions of our webinars on demand from the Logistics Top Sector website.  Sharing data from the digital waybill easily, securely and in a controlled manner …
Bart van Riessen

Control your data with iSHARE authorizations

Data hubs are valuable because they bring together a large volume of data from logistics companies. However, the owners of the data – shippers, for example – often worry that they might lose the ability to manage and control their own data. iSHARE provides the solution. Authorizations in an iSHARE Authorization Register…
Gerard van der Hoeven

Data hubs allow easy and efficient data sharing

iSHARE enables data hubs to supply logistics data to third parties. This means that data owners no longer have to set up their own data connections with those parties, but can make efficient use of the data that is already stored elsewhere in digital form instead. iSHARE Director Gerard van der Hoeven expects this new…