BLOG: Digital data sharing will limit the impact of a hard Brexit on the logistics sector

The Dutch transport and logistics sector can limit the impact of a hard Brexit by not only recognizing the need for more intensive digital data sharing, but also acting on it – especially now that the Dutch government has removed a major barrier to data sharing. There is still a realistic chance that the United…

Nieuwe iSHARE Implementatiepartner: Seeburger

Following in the footsteps of ECS International, UC Group and Rojo Consultancy, a fourth implementation partner has recently joined the iSHARE community: Seeburger Business Integration. Seeburger provides its customers with a core platform and data hub for secure, reliable data transfer and automatic integration of…
Rajiv Rajani

INTERVIEW: About 'tooling'

The iSHARE scheme comprises functional, technical, operational and legal agreements. Rajiv Rajani, an IT specialist within the iSHARE project, is responsible for the technical aspects of the scheme.  What is your role in the team? As an IT architect, my job is to further shape the technical specifications of the…

International Data Spaces Association marks iSHARE as an important step towards digitally networked industry

Today, the International Data Spaces Association laid out its action plan to include the iSHARE data-sharing scheme.  IDSA’s choice for iSHARE is in line with its strategy to support the secure and easy exchange of data in business eco-systems worldwide on the basis of standards. The International Data Spaces…