Scheme update available

An update of the iSHARE scheme was made available online at the beginning of April. This new version includes changes that have been made in response to feedback from the logistics sector itself. For instance, it is now also possible to authorize people that want to request data from machines. This is an important…
convenant data sharing

Joining forces for control over own data: public and private organizations sign covenant

During this year’s annual conference of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector, logistics companies and government authorities have signed the Covenant for Effortless Data Sharing in Logistics.  By signing the covenant, container terminal operator Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, community platforms Cargonaut and Portbase,…
Tech update

New for Developers: iSHARE Tech Update

In 2018, iSHARE launched the Developer Portal: an online environment where IT specialists can find all the information and specifications they need to help them actually integrate iSHARE into their systems. To support this, we have now also introduced a newsletter especially for developers: the iSHARE Tech Update. Sign…
Community forum

New: iSHARE Community Forum

Two heads are better than one, which is why iSHARE has set up a Community Forum. IT specialists that are struggling with the implementation can ask the entire iSHARE community for help. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of their peers, they can soon find solutions for numerous practical problems. The launch of…