Useful tools for implementing iSHARE

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; we’ve gathered together all the iSHARE-related knowledge and experience gained so far and created a number of handy tools that are available to the community. Here’s an overview of the most important ones. Community Forum Have you hit a stumbling block with iSHARE and you’re not…

NEWS: iSHARE scheme owner API live now!

As of this week the iSHARE scheme owner API is live. The API allows iSHARE participants to query for the details of another iSHARE participant with whom they want to share data. The API specifications can be found on the iSHARE Developer Portal. For parties willing to join iSHARE please contact us. Happy data sharing…

How can you get started with iSHARE?

So, you are really excited about the iSHARE scheme and want to better understand how it works or even better want to implement it and start reaping benefits from it and wondering where to start? You have come to the right place. Getting started with iSHARE is being made easier with new tools and we are constantly…

BLOG: Digital data sharing will limit the impact of a hard Brexit on the logistics sector

The Dutch transport and logistics sector can limit the impact of a hard Brexit by not only recognizing the need for more intensive digital data sharing, but also acting on it – especially now that the Dutch government has removed a major barrier to data sharing. There is still a realistic chance that the United…