Findings use case sharing freight transport data with Insurers

This week, the Data Sharing Coalition - an open and growing, international initiative in which a large variety of organisations collaborate on unlocking the value of cross-sectoral data sharing - presented a report on the most important findings of the use case on sharing freight transport data with insurers. iSHARE…

'DataMarketplace' meets iSHARE requirements: making secure data sharing easier for participants

It is now a lot easier for participants of Marlin SCX’s data sharing platform called DataMarketplace to share their data with one another securely – irrespective of whether they already know the other party. DataMarketplace, which is based on blockchain technology, has recently joined the ever-growing iSHARE community…

Interested in the i4Trust support? Share your views

Data-driven innovation has become a key driver of growth in today’s global market. The data economy is predicted to reach €829 billion by 2025.  The i4Trust initiative supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Slightly Bigger Companies that are looking to innovate their business through data sharing with a…

It’s your data… but are you bothered? Share your thoughts in the Data Sovereignty survey

The European Union is on a mission to achieve data sovereignty. This is supported by the European Digital Strategy, released last year. It is aimed at realising the EU’s vision of ensuring that, by 2030, the EU’s share of the data economy is in line with the region’s traditional economic weight. And the strategy itself…