What’s new in iSHARE?

An Overview of New Developments in iSHARE

As Scheme Owner, we are constantly working on improving iSHARE on a technical level. Some of these improvements take center stage, while others are behind the scenes. In all cases, they are designed to add relevant functionality, increase stability and provide the most added value for our users and partners. In this article, we outline the latest improvements you should be aware of.

Enhanced Conformance Test Tooling

Significant improvements have been made to the iSHARE Conformance Test Tool (CTT). The tests now cover a wider range of scenarios and are more in-depth. Generally, any implementation that has been made according to the specification will pass, as the specification itself has not changed. However, the quality of the tests has gone up. Major revisions to the CTT relate to the endpoints required for Identity Providers. The tooling has become much more reliable and mature.

As iSHARE continues to grow, so does the load on our CTT. With this in mind, we have scaled up the environment to allow for more users to run tests against our tooling with greater throughput and efficiency.

Improved documentation

The documentation has also experienced a major facelift. The website contains technical documentation for developers working on iSHARE implementations. We’ve re-designed the website from the ground up, included much requested search functionality, and improved navigation. We expanded available documentation to better reflect the implementation of the iSHARE Scheme Owner. We removed ambiguities that we identified ourselves or through feedback from parties developing their implementations. We also expanded information on a number of topics where details were scarce. We added a number of notes to help parties avoid common pitfalls. We will continue to improve the documentation based on the support we provide and the feedback we receive.

For instance, work is currently underway on more reference implementations, including a plugin to provide Identity provider selection, much like a login using Google or Facebook accounts. These reference implementations will be made publicly available. We hope this will accelerate any upcoming iSHARE implementations.

Upgrading the .NET Core

We put in significant effort into upgrading the .NET Core version and dependent libraries for all Scheme Owner applications. This will ensure our highest standards for security and performance.

Versioning endpoint

In order to future proof iSHARE, we implemented an optional versioning endpoint, where currently active versions and their lifetime (if available) can be pulled.

There is more to come! Contact us if you have any questions about these developments.