Meet Poort8, the first Authorization Registry Supplier for iSHARE

Poort8 is a Rotterdam-based, logistics data technology startup. The company has a dedicated team of highly educated professionals from Delft University of Technology, all with a background in transport engineering and logistics. After graduating from TU Delft, the founders went on to have successful careers in logistics, digital innovation, software development, data science, project management and sales. They reconnected two years ago to start Poort8.

Poort8 started out as a consulting and advisory company specialised in data analytics. In their projects, they often did a deep dive in their customers’ data. Although this delivered great results, they soon learned that data often becomes more valuable, and delivers better insights when it is shared in an ecosystem and combined with external data.

Poort8’s customer base consists mainly of logistics companies. This is a highly fragmented industry, with many small players and a slightly conservative attitude that inhibits the acceptance and adoption of data sharing. To address this issue, Poort8 created a portfolio of data sharing services and tools. They enthusiastically joined iSHARE as an Implementation Partner and as the (first) supplier of an Authorization Registry.

iSHARE’s Authorization Registry

An Authorization Registry is a vital part of any data sharing ecosystem. Poort8 is iSHARE’s first Authorization Registry. A hard-to-obtain status, since iSHARE has set very high compliance and security standards.

The Poort8 Authorization Registry is a SaaS-solution that keeps records of the data sharing policies of iSHARE members. These policies describe in detail which iSHARE partners have access to what data, for which period of time and under which conditions. The registry enables parties that do not yet have a relationship to share data and thus, cooperate.

The technical specifications of these policies are laid out in the iSHARE agreement framework and have the JSON format. Poort8 is 100% compliant with the technical specifications and even offers a second layer for custom specific requirements. This second layer simplifies data entry, making it very easy for companies to start using their authorization registry.  

How does it work?

iSHARE members enter their policies in the authorization registry. Parties that want to request data submit a delegation request, and the registry checks whether it can find a policy that allows the request to be fulfilled. The registry itself does not contain actual logistics or transportation data. Only permissions and specifications.

For instance, a shipping company can indicate that a certain party has access to column X and Y, or a certain file, by storing this in the registry.

iSHARE members and partners adhere to strict standards of compliance and security, and have their identity verified. The authorization to access data, obtained through the registry, fosters cooperation throughout the entire iSHARE ecosystem. It has the potential to save millions of euros in time, and reduces the amount of manual labor, preventing mistakes and miscommunication.

Implementation Partner

Besides offering an authorization registry, Poort8 is an iSHARE implementation partner. They offer a software layer, as an add-on to the registry, that allows parties with few resources or expertise to connect to the registry and be iSHARE compliant.

On top of this, Poort8 offers a standardized quick scan to assess whether their clients’ data maturity levels are in line with their ambitions, mission and vision.

How do you connect to the authorization registry?

Interested in connecting to the Poort8 Authorization Registry? All documentation and specifications can be found on the iSHARE developer portal:​ https://forum.ishareworks.org/​. Updates and changes are logged in a change-register. This register is available to all parties that have connected to the registry. Changes in the iSHARE framework that impact the registry will be implemented and communicated as well.

Interested parties can contact​ Norbert Lardinois ​at Poort8.