Interested in the i4Trust support? Share your views

Data-driven innovation has become a key driver of growth in today’s global market. The data economy is predicted to reach €829 billion by 2025. 

The i4Trust initiative supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Slightly Bigger Companies that are looking to innovate their business through data sharing with a Call for Experiments focused on the improvement of processes or the creation of new services using the i4Trust Building Blocks

In order to be eligible for i4Trust's open calls, SMEs need to bring a concrete real challenge that can be addressed through data sharing and where several organisations are involved, including other SMEs. Development of the use case has to take place with the support of a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH).

i4Trust experts are bringing extra support to SMEs interested in i4Trust to meet and partner for the creation of consortiums and get ready to apply to i4Trust Open Calls with winning proposals.

If you are interested in this support, we kindly ask you to fill in a quick survey before July 10th to know more about the data that you may need to consume or be able to share as well as your key domains of interest. i4Trust core partners will help those SMEs answering the survey to meet potential partners, including a relevant/suitable DIH.

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