Paul Ham en Gerard van der Hoeven

ECT joins the iSHARE scheme

As of this month, Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) and its customers can share container data under ECT’s control more easily and securely thanks to a new data service which has been made possible by ECT’s accession to the iSHARE data-sharing scheme.

As one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operators in Europe, ECT shares huge volumes of information about container activities at its ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals with numerous third parties every day, often at the request of a customer. Before providing controlled access to the requested data, ECT wants to be sure that it will be received by the right person within the right company for the right purpose. By joining the iSHARE scheme, ECT is able to use the identities from iSHARE Identity Provider Secure Logistics to gain the necessary technical and legal certainty for itself and its customers. Thanks to iSHARE, ECT and its customers can now organise data sharing in an efficient and secure manner. 

“We have been working together with Secure Logistics in relation to safety and security for many years. This new service is a logical extension of that,” commented Paul Ham, general manager product management at ECT, who recently signed the contract with the iSHARE Foundation. Gerard van der Hoeven, director of the iSHARE Foundation, adds: “We are delighted that ECT has become an active user of iSHARE and we are especially pleased with the launch of Single Sign-On with iSHARE in the ECT app. This new application helps all users to work together based on modern techniques and paves the way for many more advanced applications.”

iSHARE continues to grow

iSHARE is an initiative of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector aimed at further stimulating data sharing in logistics. The scheme has been developed by and for the logistics sector. The number of iSHARE participants in the logistics sector has been growing steadily ever since the launch in 2018.