Albert Verhoeven

DXC Technology: ‘iSHARE is set to ignite a digital revolution’

Albert Verhoeven is senior principal consultant at DXC Technology, a global IT consultancy firm with offices in 80 countries. Besides supporting customers with specialist advice, Albert is also an iSHARE product owner within DXC. He is a big fan of iSHARE and believes that the data-sharing scheme will help to ignite a digital revolution.

What is DXC’s connection to iSHARE? 

At DXC, we have a long-standing involvement with iSHARE. For example, we supply the IoT platform that enables communication with the smart boxes of The Chain Never Stops. We use the iSHARE scheme to ensure that no one can open the boxes without the right authorisations. 

What are the advantages of iSHARE from DXC’s perspective? 

There are huge benefits for both ourselves and our customers. When organisations participate in iSHARE, we no longer need to use hard coding to facilitate data exchange between their various processes. Instead, iSHARE enables different organisations to share data easily and securely throughout a specific supply chain. Additionally, the scheme gives those organisations the opportunity to utilise many different applications and solutions using just one digital identity. That saves a lot of time and money – not only for us, but also for the companies themselves.

Last but not least, iSHARE has the potential to add huge value for other sectors and purposes, such as for the transport and home delivery of medicines. Other possible uses include situations in which Blockchain might also be considered as a solution – in other words, when organisations are looking for certainty about data consistency and who has access to which data.

To put it simply, iSHARE enables us to offer our customers even more added value. That’s why we see iSHARE as a welcome addition to our Intelligent Transportation Systems portfolio. 

How did the implementation go for DXC?

The iSHARE scheme comprises various roles or stakeholders, and that can seem a little complex at first. However, iSHARE provides detailed information materials and videos that explain the scheme clearly. We actually found it relatively straightforward to implement the scheme, and especially compared with other implementations with a similar level of complexity.

What advice do you have for other logistics companies?

I would encourage all logistics companies to make a point of using iSHARE, because the scheme saves money, eliminates errors during data exchange and enables data to be shared in real time.

When shippers, their suppliers, distributors and IT companies succeed in promoting the scheme beyond our national borders and driving its implementation internationally, iSHARE will ignite a digital revolution. The benefits are much bigger than people might initially think.