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Den Hartogh Logistics implements iSHARE scheme

Den Hartogh Logistics has joined the iSHARE scheme. The logistics service provider is using the iSHARE identity to make it easier for drivers to register at terminals such as ECT. Joep Aerts, director of the liquid logistics business unit at Den Hartogh Logistics, comments: “The more logistics companies that embrace this, the more beneficial it will be for all participants.”

A key reason in Den Hartogh Logistics’ decision to start using the iSHARE scheme was the fact that logistics service providers’ needs were taken into account at the design and development stage, according to Aerts: “As a logistics service provider, I don’t want every terminal to have its own system because it means that truck drivers have to be equipped with countless different devices. And that’s exactly what this scheme avoids.”

Actively promoting

The director also has his own reasons for actively promoting the iSHARE scheme: “The more logistics parties that join the iSHARE scheme, the more beneficial it will be for all participants.”

‘iSHARE scheme speeds up the registration process’

Aerts illustrates his previous comment with an example: “Our drivers visit many different locations and perform many different activities for many different customers. They regularly pick up and drop off containers at terminals, sometimes thousands of times a year at ECT alone. But drivers have to register in order to do so.” Den Hartogh’s drivers now use the ECT app, which works on the basis of the iSHARE scheme. “The app helps to speed up the registration process. Our drivers can also check the app to see whether a container is ready to be picked up.”

ECT app and CargoCard

In the ECT app, the iSHARE scheme has been implemented by Secure Logistics – the company behind the CargoCard, which has become a standard system in the Rotterdam port area. It enables drivers to register and prove their identify at numerous different logistics sites in Rotterdam using one and the same pass: their CargoCard. Now, drivers can use their CargoCard ID digitally too.

‘Very important that scheme is widely embraced’

According to Aerts, it is very important that the logistics sector widely embraces standards such as the iSHARE scheme: “Such schemes mean that drivers no longer have to remember a different password and identity for each terminal. Instead, iSHARE allows the drive to use the same identity to log in at many different locations, plus the security of that identity is guaranteed. Behind the scenes, the iSHARE scheme facilitates safe and secure data sharing between companies. The more businesses that embrace this scheme, the more beneficial it will be for everyone in the supply chain.”

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