Bart van Riessen

Control your data with iSHARE authorizations

Data hubs are valuable because they bring together a large volume of data from logistics companies. However, the owners of the data – shippers, for example – often worry that they might lose the ability to manage and control their own data. iSHARE provides the solution. Authorizations in an iSHARE Authorization Register enable organizations that have joined iSHARE to specify which logistics companies or government authorities they wish to share data with, through which data hubs, for what purpose and what period. Parties requiring access to that specific data log into the register, which then checks automatically whether the requester is indeed permitted to access that data. As the owner and supplier of the data, you then control who gains access to your data on the other side of the data hub. Poort8 is the first to provide an iSHARE Authorization Register. Bart van Riessen, one of the founders of Poort8, explains.

Having each been working in logistics for a long time, the four founders of Poort8 saw opportunities to facilitate data-sharing in logistics. “Poort8 was founded on a shared passion for the logistics sector. Together we took on the mission of leveraging data to give Dutch logistics companies greater control of their business, enabling those companies to take full advantage of their data,” says Van Riessen.

“I started my career at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, working mainly on synchromodality. In 2018 I also completed my doctoral research on that topic, which showed that it is essential to exchange data about the transport process. ECT’s digitization programme also showed that cooperation with logistics operators and data hubs was crucial for the effective use of data, and at the same time we saw how complex it was. It was around that time that iSHARE set about standardizing this kind of cooperation, and this proved to be an excellent solution to the issues we faced.”

iSHARE authorizations based on OTM

Poort8’s iSHARE Authorization Register is an important pillar of the iSHARE scheme. The fact that organizations retain control of their data at all times, with the ability to grant each other very specific rights to collect data under iSHARE authorizations, proves to be an important basis for trust. Where possible, the iSHARE Authorization Registers use data standards such as the OpenTripModel (OTM). That makes the communication between the iSHARE Authorization Registers and other logistics systems easier and the iSHARE authorizations themselves are very accessible.

“We’re also working with Portbase to make our Authorization Register compatible with their systems. That makes it possible to share specific parts of datasets with others or to block such sharing. We’re starting by opening up Portbase services for the community. Further on in the roadmap, access to third-party services will also be possible through Poort8. Our Authorization Register provides the basic technology on which authorizations can operate, and preparations have been made for it to be also iSHARE-compliant. Part of our development work for this is being supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).”

According to Van Riessen, a lot of organizations are keen to make progress in the use, exploitation and sharing of their data. How can you hold your own among the multitude of emerging data platforms and even take advantage of them? Businesses interested in Poort8’s services can use the Poort8 benchmark without obligation. They can then see how they compare to other logistics organizations in terms of data availability, data analysis and data sharing.


Single Access

iSHARE is growing. Data hubs that are affiliated with iSHARE are already providing access to data from more than 1,000 companies. All of these companies can benefit from iSHARE’s useful Single Access application.