Rojo Consultancy

New iSHARE Implementation Partner: Rojo Consultancy

Following in the footsteps of ECS International and UC Group, a third implementation partner has now joined the iSHARE community: Rojo Consultancy. The system-integrator, based in Breukelen, the Netherlands, is specialized in integrating applications and data for customers in the logistics sector. iSHARE enables Rojo…

Cargonaut uses iSHARE to build a data corridor with India

Cargonaut is collaborating with Indian IT supplier Kale Logistics to build a data corridor based on the iSHARE scheme. The data corridor will enable Cargonaut and Kale Logistics to exchange information about the shipment status of air cargo to support freight-forwarding companies, logistics service providers and other…
Eefje van der Harst

Reflecting and looking ahead with Eefje van der Harst

2018 was the year in which iSHARE transformed from a concept into reality. After two years of development work, testing and fine-tuning, the scheme finally went live at the start of last year. The first 12 launching customers came aboard in March and that number has grown steadily ever since. In the autumn, the…

Developers: it is now even easier to get started with iSHARE

The possibilities of the iSHARE Developer Portal are increasing all the time. We are continuously adding new functionalities, often in response to feedback from developers themselves, so it is easier than ever to get started with iSHARE. For example, one key improvement is the new web page where developers can find a…