PKIoverheid server certificate

Within iSHARE, both PKI-Overheid server certificates and eIDAS qualified Seal certificates that are registered to the name of your organization can be used. The certificate is used for authenticating and authorizing your organization, for example by means of signed JSON Web Tokens. At this moment in time all iSHARE…

New role of Scheme Administrator

Recently, a new role was introduced: the Scheme Administrator: this role will be responsible for verifying applications and admitting parties to the scheme. This entails both checking the identity of the company, and its legal adherence to the rules. In addition, a technical compliance process may be required. The…
Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh Logistics implements iSHARE scheme

Den Hartogh Logistics has joined the iSHARE scheme. The logistics service provider is using the iSHARE identity to make it easier for drivers to register at terminals such as ECT. Joep Aerts, director of the liquid logistics business unit at Den Hartogh Logistics, comments: “The more logistics companies that embrace…
scheme iSHARE

Understanding roles of the iSHARE scheme

For iSHARE to work both effectively and securely as a data sharing framework, we work with a number of predefined roles. Every role has its own responsibilities and requirements. In this article, we will list them based on how strict the requirements to fulfill them are. There are two different categories of roles…