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29 September 2020 l webinar

Sharing data from the digital waybill easily, securely and in a controlled manner

It is now possible to share data from the digital waybill (eCMR) easily, securely and in a controlled manner between eCMR platforms.

The accredited eCMR providers Collect + Go and Pionira are to start sharing eCMR data aided by the iSHARE scheme. This will provide a wide variety of supply chain partners with easy and controlled access to data from the digital waybill.

Collect + Go and Pionira are both part of the international Digi-Transit consortium, which is a network of eCMR providers for providing legally required data to government authorities and between eCMR platforms. The eCMR providers that are part of Digi-Transit make their platforms available to one another at trip level so that supply chain partners can perform transactions. This ensures that the eCMR transfer is supported when a consignment is processed by two different platforms consecutively. From a user perspective, the consignment is passed from one provider to the other in a logical and user-friendly flow. iSHARE and Digi-Transit enable their customers to share data even more easily and securely than before.  

The exact process will be explained in more detail by Hans Togtema (founder and CEO of Collect + Go), Barry van Leuven (managing director Pionira), and Peter Jasperse (member of the iSHARE Adoption Team) in an upcoming webinar.

The webinar will be held on 29 September from 11:00 to 12:00 h CEST. To hear what they have to say, sign up for the webinar here.