yearly conference
16 April 2019 l De Kuip Rotterdam, the Netherlands

iSHARE @jaarcongres Topsector Logistiek

This year, the Dutch Logistics Top Sector’s annual conference, which is being held on 16 April at the De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam, is focused on the topic of ‘Implementing Innovations: turning words into deeds’. This makes it the ideal occasion to organize an iSHARE Tech-celerator in parallel with the conference.

Developers from selected partners that are currently involved in implementing iSHARE will be working on the technical integration of the scheme into their software, aided by the iSHARE team and iSHARE developers.

Visitors to the annual conference can stop by at the ‘iSHARE Q&A Corner’, plus they are of course more than welcome to attend the presentation of the results from the Tech-celerator at the end of the day.

Besides organizing the Tech-celerator, iSHARE is also contributing to the conference programme as part of the session by the Neutral Logistic Information Platform (NLIP) on the importance of digital standards for data sharing.

For more information and to register, go to the Logistics Top Sector website.