25 February 2021 l online

i4Trust info session

The European Commission aims with its European data strategy to make the EU a leader in a data-driven society. "Creating a single market for data will allow it to flow freely within the EU and across sectors for the benefit of businesses, researchers, and public administrations. People, businesses and organizations should be empowered to make better decisions based on insights from non-personal data, which should be available to all."

i4Trust's objective is to boost the development of innovative services around new data value chains in multiple sectors providing the right tools, education, coaching, and initial funding for the creation of Data Spaces, enabling trustworthy and effective Data Sharing.

Its value proposition will be demonstrated through 32 incubator projects involving at least 150 small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and +32 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) – across various regions and sectors in Europe – mobilising over 3,2 million Euros for funding.


i4Trust is organising a series of info sessions These info sessions will present the i4Trust initiative by FIWARE, iSHARE, and Fundingbox. It will introduce our Data Spaces and the innovation ecosystem which will contribute to the digital transformation of industrial value chains across multiple domains, such as Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Manufacturing, Smart AgriFood, Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Health, and Smart Logistics.

If you are a SME or DIH and you are looking for new paths to enrich your portfolio of services, attend the info session and discover all the benefits offered by i4Trust!

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Edition 1 (23 Feb 2021)
Edition 2 (25 Feb 2021)
Edition 3 (11 March 2021)

For more information, download here de flyer the flyer about i4Trust.