An innovation for a future-proof logistics sector

Uniform, simple and controlled data sharing


iSHARE is an innovation from the Dutch Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP) – a Dutch Logistics Top Sector initiative. It has been initiated to give the Dutch logistics sector a renewed competitive edge in Europe.  

Sharing data with hitherto unknown parties

iSHARE is a scheme or uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorisation. It enables everyone in the logistics sector to share data with everyone else in a uniform, simple and controlled way. This includes sharing data with hitherto unknown parties.

Control over data

iSHARE is based on the principle that organisations themselves decide what data they will share (or not) and with whom.

Developed through co-creation

Throughout 2017 various public and private organisations within the Transport & Logistics sector jointly developed the iSHARE scheme in order to create a working solution.

To boost further data sharing

NLIP aims to use this scheme to remove obstacles to further data sharing, to boost cooperation within the chain, and to scale up, accelerate and effectively connect existing digital data exchange initiatives.

NLIP asked INNOPAY, a consultancy company specialising in digital transactions, to facilitate the project. 

This year's launch

iSHARE will be launched this year with a lead group of logistics businesses and their clients. It is ready for sector-wide adoption, beginning in the Netherlands. 

To find out more about the iSHARE project, download the iSHARE brochure or contact the iSHARE project organisation via mail or by calling +31 20 65 80 651.


Download press release First live iSHARE Transactions l December 1, 2017

Download press release Beta version iSHARE available l June 27, 2017